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Turnbull to announce millions for Snowy Hydro project

Malcolm Turnbull at the Snowy Hydro power station in March. Photo: Alex EllinghausenPolitical Insider: Sign up for our newsletter

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce millions in extra funding for his pet project, Snowy Hydro 2.0, after visiting the power station on Monday morning.

The money will be spent on meeting some of the cost of the $29 million feasibility study and will come from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

It represents a major new investment from the federal government, which has only committed $500,000 so far to the project, despite Mr Turnbull frequently championing Snowy Hydro 2.0 as a game-changer for the east coast electricity market.

The announcement is due to be made in News Corp papers on Monday, but Fairfax Media has learnt the details ahead of time.

Mr Turnbull will attempt to focus on electricity prices and energy policy for the entire week ahead, in an attempt to shift focus away from the citizenship fiasco, which has dominated the political agenda for weeks and seen three members of the cabinet referred to the High Court because of questions over whether they were validly elected.

The feasibility study is due to be completed by the end of year; work is already under way on technical and drilling work and it will soon ramp up to be a 24-hour-a-day operation.

It is understood the Prime Minister, Snowy Hydro chief executive Paul Broad and ARENA chief executive Ivor Frischknecht??? will tour the existing Tumut 2 underground power station and visit the company-owned town of Cabramurra.

They will then announce the extra funding for the study in the nearby town of Cooma.

The expansion of Snowy Hydro, which will conservatively cost at least $2 billion and which will take at least four years to complete, is designed to provide power for an extra 500,000 homes when finished.

The bill for the project could effectively double from $2 billion to $4 billion because of essential upgrades to power transmission lines into Melbourne and Sydney.

When completed, it will effectively function as a giant battery for the east coast electricity market and the new power station will have an estimated generation capacity of 2000 megawatts.

Cabramurra is owned by the Snowy Hydro and is home to workers on the Tumut 2 power station. Planning is already under way for a massive expansion of the town’s population when the study is completed and work on Snowy 2.0 project begins in earnest.

The new power station will be located much deeper underground – as much as one kilometre, compared to the Tumut 2 station, which is about 250 metres below ground.

ARENA began talks with Snowy Hydro about working on the project in February, about a month before the Prime Minister announced the project, and it is hoped the know-how the agency gains from working on Snowy Hydro 2.0 will be used on other pumped hydro storage projects.

The Commonwealth owns 13 per cent of the scheme, NSW 58 per cent and the Victorian government 29 per cent.

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This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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McGregor’s performance a win for the UFC

As it happened: Mayweather v McGregor

What many thought would be the ‘Farce of the Century’ turned out to be an enthralling contest. We said there would be no winners bar the two men lining their pockets, but we ended up with no losers instead.

Conor McGregor battled with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for nearly half an hour before running out of gas. He won several of the early rounds. He got plenty of good shots in and, most importantly, he didn’t get knocked out.

Boxing’s reputation is protected with Mayweather’s win, but it’s a huge victory for the UFC as well. The Irish jewel in the organisation’s crown was not embarrassed, as many thought he would be, and he confirmed that he will return to the octagon in the future – even though now, more than ever, he does not need the money.

The public interest in UFC continues to rise, and their main attraction being thrust into a spotlight on a stratospheric level and giving a good account of himself can only be good in the long run for the sport, which has lost major drawcards like Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones, potentially for good.

This fight confirmed McGregor’s boxing skills are far more impressive than many of us realised – especially in the early stages, when he came at Mayweather with a level of aggression we rarely see, born out of a complete disregard for the resume of his opponent.

The Irishman could not maintain that pace for a 36-minute fight, as most people expected, but to take it as far as he did was extremely impressive.

With Mayweather announcing his retirement, McGregor is indisputably the world’s biggest individual combat sports star – his return to the octagon will probably be the most anticipated fight in the UFC’s history – and this fight has just served to promote his compelling profile to a bigger audience.

He could swim against Michael Phelps or run against Usain Bolt and the masses would tune in. He’d probably back himself to win those contests as well.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Bellambi man wrapped dog chain around neighbour’s neck

An Illawarraman who threatened his ex-partner with an axe before wrapping a dog chain around the neck of one of her neighbours has been sentenced to at least 18 months behind bars.

Luke Murray, 35, arrived at the woman’s Bellambi house in a jealous rage on the morning of July 10 this year, demanding to know if she was in another relationship or seeing other men.

Court documents say Murray held the woman up against the property’s boundary fence while using a small tomahawk axe to hit the wood next to where she stood.

The victim kicked out at Murray and managed to free herself from his grasp, at which time she ran inside the house.

However, a short time later the woman heard Murray enter the lounge room and confrontother occupants in the house.

The victim eventually managed to usher him outside where he continued to yell and swear at her.

Murray then took a metal dog chain from his pocket and in a fit of rage, used it to hit the bonnet of avehicle parked on the street.

The owner of the car exited a nearby house, however quickly retreated back inside when Murray ran at him and yelled “you wanna go you f—king c—t?”.

Another neighbour who heard the commotion and jumped into the woman’s backyard was also accosted by Murray, who swung the dog chain at the man, causing it to wrap around his neck.

The man told police the impact of the chain forced him to stumble backwards. He said he grabbed a garden shovel leaning against the fence and hit Murray in the head in an act of self defence.

He then jumped back over the fence and contacted police.

Officers arrived at the location a short time later, however Murray had already left the area.

He was arrested by police two days later at Woonona and charged with assault, property damage and use of an offensive weapon.

In court on Friday, Murray’s lawyer said her client was outraged by what he’d done.

“He’s had issues with ice and alcohol most of his life,” she said.

“He’s been in rehab three times…his relapse this time was due to the break up with his partner, the victim.

“He will require substantial help to overcome hisaddictions.”

Magistrate Michael Stoddart described the facts of the case as “alarming” while noting Murray had a poor criminal record.

“It’s fortunate for the victims they weren’t more seriously injured,” he said.

“The only appropriate sentence is a custodial one given your dreadful record and the seriousness of the matter.”

With time already served, Murray will be released on parole in January 2019.

Illawarra Mercury

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Edgeworth defender out of grand final

Aaron McLoughlinEdgeworth defender Aaron McLoughlin is resigned to missing the Northern NSW NPL grand final at McDonald Jones Stadium after tearing his hamstring in Saturday night’s dramatic win over Broadmeadow.

The 29-year-old slumped to the Jack McLaughlan Oval turf in the sixth minute of extra time just as striker Daniel McBreen scored for Edgeworth to level the scores at 1-1 on the night and put the Eagles up 2-1 on aggregate.

Magic teenager Jacob Dowse scored soon after to send the tie to penalties, which the Eagles won 3-1 to set up a decider against Lambton on Saturday night.

“I’m going to try everything I can to get back, but it will be a bit of a shame I have to watch the game,” McLoughlin said.

“It’s been a bit tight since last week. I felt it before half-time. I came back out in the second half with it strapped, but I couldn’t really run properly.

“Then it just finally completely seized up when I went down. I couldn’t move any more. The whole leg went.”

Coach Damian Zane said he hoped to get the left back fit for the national NPL Finals series in three weeks.

“It’s a shame because he’s been flying at training, and last night he just tore James Virgili apart.

“They tried to match up man for man on us and Aaron was just brilliant.”

As well as nullifying Virgili, who set up Magic’s equaliser five minutes after the injury, McLoughlin gave McBreen and Keanu Moore great chances with pinpoint deliveries in the first half.

McLoughlin, a former Central Coast junior, played in the Eagles’ past two grand final victories andat the stadium in an exhibition game when he was a student at Hunter Sports High.

“It would be nice to play at Hunter Stadium again,” he said. “It obviously makes it a nice, big occasion, great surface, so you’d want to play there. But there’s not much I can do.”

Northern NSWFootball is encouraging fans to buy tickets online at Ticketmaster before Saturday’s grand final.

Tickets for the decider are on sale here.

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Mates together forever

TOGETHER FOREVER: Jack Greig, left, and Ryan Engel.Ryan Engel and Jack Greig were inseparable.

They went everywhere together, from fishing along the Bellarine Peninsula until late at night,to going out and having fun.Ryan and Jack were joined at the hip.

So it’s fitting the two, who were tragically killed after their car hit a tree at Soldiers Hill early Friday morning, will be farewelled ata joint funeral. Ryan and Jack died after the red ute they were in left Nolan Street and hit a tree around 1am Friday.

Since their deaths, the outpouring of griefis helping to comfort both the Engel and Greig families.

“We didn’t know how much the boys were loved,”Ryan’s mother Carol toldThe Courieron Sunday.

“(Since their deaths) we have been receiving flowers without name cards and messages of support from people we don’t even know. They had such a big network of friends.”

Jack’s mother Mary Gordon described both boys as magnets.“People were instantly drawn to them. They both had the same caring personality, they were both free spirits. Nothing phased them, especially Jack.”

Having similar personalities played a big part in their friendship.

Ryan’s father Guye was proud of both boys, particularly their non-judgmental personalities.“They loved meeting people…they both had beautiful, kind souls. They never judged anyone and they would make friends with everyone.

“They went out a lot and both were always happy. They loved the simple things in life.”

The two lovable larrikinsmet through mutual friends in 2011 and their similar personalities and interests meant they were instantly mates. They weredescribed by many who knew them as“thetwins”.

The 21-year-oldswere also fondly known as the“married couple”. Ryan, a roof tiler, was the“bread-winner”, while Jack, who wasn’t working, was“the kept one”.

Ryan, a former St Patrick’s College student, had just finished a roofing apprenticeship with Max Lyons, who was like a second father to him.

Both were keen sportsmen, with Ryan a basketballer withPhoenix and a footballer for Mt Clear and Buninyong clubs, while Jack, a Mt Clear College alumni, was also passionate about sports, particularly football and cricket, playing the game with the Golden Point Cricket Club.

But it was their mutual love of fishing which was very important to Ryan and Jack.

“They spent a lot of time at the beach. They loved their fishing and would spend every spare minute at Geelong, or Ocean Grove, or Queenscliff fishing. They wouldstay all night on the pier …even in the rain,” Ms Gordon said.

Both Ryan and Jack were also known aspractical jokers.“Even now, I expect both of them to walk in the door and say‘gotchya’, this is also just a practical joke…but it’s not,” Jack’s mum said.

With they were similar in many ways, their fashion senses were poles apart.

“Jack was fashion guru. He spent more time in front of the mirror than the girls did,” Ms Gordon said.

“Ryan was the opposite …he loved his dreadlocks and his caps,” Mr Engel said.

Ms Gordon said Jack had a very close bond with his father Scott Greig, who lives in Shepparton. Australian singer Jimmy Barnes is Mr Greig’s idol and he imparted that love of the raspy-voiced singer onto his son.

Mates together forever Ryan Engel with his father Guye, mother Carol and sister Stevie.

Ryan Engel

The Engel family enjoying some happy times.

Ryan Engel and Jack Greig were both keen fishermen.

Jack Greig and Ryan Engel were inseparable.

Best mates Jack Greig and Ryan Engel.

Ryan Engel and his mother Carol.

Ryan Engel has a youngster was a keen surfer.

Ryan Engel and his father Guye.

Ryan Engel and his sister Stevie.

Jack Greig and his mother Mary.

The Greig family at a function.

Ryan Engel was fun-loving young man, just like his best mate Jack Greig.

Jack Greig hamming it up at a function.

The Greig family in happier times.

Jack Greig was a fun-loving guy who liked the simple things in life.

Jack Greig and his sister Rebecca.

Jack Greig.

TweetFacebookThe Courierat a later date.

TRIBUTES: Flowers, photos and messages have been left at the tree in Nolan Street, the scene of Friday morning’s fatal crash. Picture: Lachlan Bence

The knock at the door every parent dreadsWhen Mary Gordon and Carol and Guye Engel got knocks at their respective doors early Friday morning, all three instantly thought their sons had locked themselves out of their houses.

They had thought their boys, Jack Greig and Ryan Engel, both 21, may have gone late night fishing–nothing unusual for these two mates–and had lost their house keys.

But the knocks at the doors were actually by Victoria Police officers there to deliver a message no parent should hear…your child has been killed in a car accident.

Ryan and Jack were killed when the car they were travelling in hit a tree along Nolan Street, Soldiers Hill, around 1am Friday.

The grief-stricken families believe if there was one message to come out of the deaths of Ryan and Jack it would be take care on the roads.

“Be careful on the roads every single time you get into the car,” said Ryan’s dad.

“Takingan extra few minutes to get to where you are going can save lives.”

This was a message echoed by Jack’s mother, Ms Gordon.“Don’t speed and know the road conditions, because in a split second your life change and it has a ripple effect to everyone in your life.”

While the Engels have not been able to bring themselves to visit the crash scene, Ms Gordon has, and she was moved by the amount of messages and flowers left at the tree by their big circle of friends

“I went to the tree and it was a beautiful sight…even strangers were stopping (to pay their respects),” Ms Gordon said.

“This was the last place they were together.”

Police have launched an investigation into the double fatality, including whether speed, icy conditions and drugs or alcohol contributed to the crash.A report will be prepared for the coroner.

The Courier.