Julian Cadman donations break $200,000 in one week

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More than $200,000 has been raised in less than five days to aid the family of seven-year-old Julian Cadman who was killed in the Barcelona terror attack and whose mother remains in hospital.


A GoFundMe page for the Cadmans was set up on Monday and had raised an estimated $90,000 within its first 18 hours, according to Scott Bowman, a longstanding friend of the family and employer of the deceased boy’s father.

But by Saturday morning more the site had attracted nearly $220,000 in donations from more than 3500 donors.

“It’s incredible; it really is,” Mr Bowman told radio station 2GB on Friday about the response. “I want to thank everybody from the $1 donation to the $5000 donation. The family is overwhelmed. It’s totally unexpected.”

The seven-year-old was killed while sightseeing with his mother when a van ploughed into crowds in the Spanish city’s busy Las Ramblas pedestrian mall last week.

His mother, Jumarie Querimit Cadman, was seriously injured and his father, Andrew, flew to Barcelona.

Mr Bowman confirmed on Friday afternoon that Junmarie had been moved out of the hospital’s intensive care unit.

He said he had recently received a message from Andrew conveying his gratitude to donors.

“What he [wanted to say] was just to thank everybody for what they’ve done,” he said. “From the Aussie to the English to the Filipino side of [the family] they just want to thank everybody.”

“This has affected my like nothing before,” one donor, Isabel Chumillas, wrote. “I wish a lot of strength and the best wishes for the parents and family of the lovely Julian who is in my heart.”

Mr Bowman also revealed that support had been forthcoming from other surprising quarters.

English soccer club Chelsea would hold a half-time memorial in seven-year-old Julian’s honour this Sunday when they play Everton at Stamford Bridge in London, Mr Bowman said.

He said that Julian had been a supporter of the club and the family had been longstanding supporters.

The children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, had also promised to hold a concert to support the family, Mr Bowman said.

Julian would be remembered as “energetic, funny and cheeky”, his family said in a statement soon after the attack.

The page is continuing to accept donations and has a goal of raising one million dollars.

“That ridiculous target […] I think we’re going to hit it,” Mr Bowman said.

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